Today begins my last two weeks of this wonderful experience in Romania. Actually, everything changed. I lived what I wanted to live. I’ve seen what I wanted to see. Finally, I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. Moreover, this experience changed my life. From the top of my 19 years old, I didn’t expect to live such a good experience, you know the kind of experience which changes your way of seeing the world. Many doors have opened, few have closed.

My main purpose was to teach my mother tongue and also to teach in high-school. This association allowed me to accomplish all of my goals and I am very proud of what I have done. From March to June, I worked in different high-schools and I could share my culture and my passion of my country with the students through different lessons such as culture and civilization, which means to discover what do we do in France, what do we eat, also how do we occupy our days etc .. I could see in their eyes how curious they were to learn and this is a success in my eyes. You know, before I came here, I was not very proud of my country. I mean this experience of teaching my culture made me realize how lucky I am to live in a developed country. Beside this, I organized different events, to promote Erasmus+ for example. When I told them how much it’s easy to travel in this world, they were amazed but in the same time, they were kind of disappointed because they believed that at their scale, they were not too good to experience this. That’s why my main conclusion was that everything is possible and there are no barrier anywhere. Then I also organized an Intercultural night. Talking about countries, eating traditional food etc. . During this event, in June, after 4 months, I realized how much I changed, how much I developed myself.

French lesson in Calderon (2)

Bratianu school

Activities in Bucharest On arrival training
I realized that I was really comfortable to speak in front of an audience that I didn’t even know. This experience allowed myself to improve lots of skills. I improved my team working, working everyday with my roommates to brainstorm about what we have to do, but also my confidence, and I’m very happy to be able to speak in public, no matter how many people, no matter about what, I’m confident and I’m so proud of this. Moreover, I learned about myself. Actually, I grew up mentally so fast and it’s because we are from different cultures, living in the same house in a new country so every day I learned a lot. I have adapted myself and today, I am able to speak several languages, to manage different situations etc ..

Personally, even if Romania wasn’t my choice, it’s the best experience of my life. I discovered a country with a huge cultural difference, new language, new currency, everything was new. I adapted myself, and from the beginning, I felt like at home. People are warm, the atmosphere around Timisoara is excellent and in short, I lived the best time of my young life.

After this experience, my family is more than ever proud of what I accomplished. Even if at the beginning they were very anxious for me, they realized later that I have to do what makes me happy, especially this experience abroad. After this experience, I won’t come back home. New projects arrived and I realized here that I have to do what makes me happy as I said.

In two weeks everything will be finished but for sure, I will never forget this wonderful experience, I will never forget the wonderful people I lived with. They are my family now. I am sad to leave this experience but I look forward to begin my new life. And if I had to do it again, nothing would change except for the fact that 6 months was a period too short.

  • I would like to do a special thanks to all of the people who shared this experience with me. First of all, to my roomates.
    Steve, the French guy who taught me how to party hard. Actually, it’s the greatest guy I ever met in my life. No matter when, no matter where and no matter for what, he has that smile which makes you smile as well.
    Alex, the Spanish guy, he used to call me “Hermanito”, which means “little brother” and it makes sense because he is always here to help me in whatever I need. He is always happy and always managed to do the best he could. By the way, thank you dude for teaching me how to cook Spanish food! :)

    • Jesus, the other Spanish guy. He used to make us laugh in the house. He improved a lot during this experience and I’m happy to see that he is enjoying now.
      Oliver and Ferdinand, the two Parisian guys who joined us in May, for two months. Ferdinand is so funny, always smiling and ready to follow you in everything you want to undertake. Olivier is very philosophical, I would say. I really appreciated to talk with him sometimes for hours about deep subjects. Very ambitious, I wish him to succeed in his life. And I will never forget his special way to dance!
       Anna, the Italian girl. We called her “la Mama” because she is the oldest person in the house! I will never forget her, she is such a good soul and such a good cook! We used to joke about her age and it was very funny to see her reaction each time. I wish you the best, Anna, and see you in Napoli !
       Otilija, the Lithuanian girl. Just the best person I’ve met during my EVS experience. I didn’t expect to find someone who has so much common points with me. From the beginning we caught the feeling between us which brought us closer. Always laughing and very smart, it was a real pleasure to discover more about Lithuania.(Yes it’s a country!) I’m looking forward to begin my new life with her.

    Thank you to my association:

 Andreea, the president, who allowed me to do this incredible experience. I wish her to succeed in all her projects, she deserves all the love in this world for what she works.

Marina, the coordinator, who was all the time here to support us in every situation, such a wonderful soul, I will never forget her.

Lore, the Romanian teacher. Learning a new language with her seemed very easy because of her way to teach. All the courses had been realized in a great atmosphere. She is a very good person. Multumesc frumos, Lore!

Alberto, the mentor. He has been a real support during this EVS experience. Talking with him was always a pleasure. I have to admit that it was easy to manage with such a wonderful family which we are! Thank you for all the laughs I had with you!

Nothing would be possible without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

It was the experience of a lifetime.

Volunteer Friends

First meeting with new volunteers

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