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Volunteer Friends

Here we are! The last month of my EVS experience unfortunately… So sad there’s not so much time left but I will enjoy the rest of it at the fullest!


It’s first a human experience because you build a lot of relationships during this kind of project, you are always meeting new people, and especially cool ones. I will always remember my roommates! I was not expecting meeting such awesome people.

I will always remember :

  • My pair, Lucas from France. Obviously we made direct links because we have this huge common point coming from the same country :-) (being part of the same culture in another country makes the link easier to build)
  • Alex, my Spanish dude. We began the workshops together; the first one was so funny with him. We enjoyed and partied almost all the time together, I used to call him the H man!
  • Oti from Lithuania, the kindest girl I have met in my life for sure. :-)
  • Anna surnamed la mama Italiana, always singing Italian everywhere, so funny! And we used to share our weird stories about strange people especially!
  • Jesus, the funny Spanish guy who wants all for free even when it’s impossible.
  • Ferdinand from France, always here to go out, he was always smiling, in a good mood spreading good energy around him!
  • Olivier from France also, a great guy and so funny! especially when he was dancing, I think it was the first time I saw someone dancing like him :-)

I met also a lot of local people, special mention to Lucian, my Romanian brother from another mother! And also Diana and Andreea :). I met also Erasmus people (special mention to Roberto, Clement & Max) with whom I will keep in touch for a long time for sure :-D.


I thought at the beginning (even if I’m half Romanian) that in Romania there are a lot of gypsies, that it’s not safe etc… But in reality it’s not like this, it was just prejudice! In Timisoara, the city I’m currently in, people are very nice and open minded. I never had problems during my stay. They are very friendly. I remembered one day, I was so lost and a Romanian guy saw me and he came to me to ask if he could help me without wanting something in return :-).

The thing I noticed also in high school (because we used to work in high schools) is that teachers are close to the students, and the students are not afraid at all to ask something. In France it’s not the same, we are not close at all to our teacher, there is a kind of barrier and they are colder (not all of them but still …).


My EVS was about non formal education. We had to teach our own native languages, to do some workshops related to creativity, public speaking or environmental protection in high school. We had also some events to prepare like intercultural night. The experiences which were the most significant for me were those in high schools with workshops. In fact I liked to share my habits, culture and language to the students and the thing I appreciated the most is that they were so curious about us that they wanted to know more about our country, our way of life etc…


In fact words are not strong enough to make you feel and understand what I LIVED during these 5 months (for the moment). This feeling is indescribable; you have to live it to feel it. So if you have the opportunity to do it, just one advice: DON’T HESITATE :-) I learned a lot from this experience, now I’m feeling more confident, more open-minded, and happier also!

Of course a special BIG thx to our association ZURY (especially to Andreea:-) ), without them I couldn’t have had such an experience like this! To Marina, our incredible coordinator who was always here for us if we had some problems. To Lore, our lovely Romanian teacher and to Alberto our amazing mentor.

So Timișoara, see you soon! <3

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