My experience like Volunteer EVS in Timisoara


My Experience as a Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association) EVS

I come from Málaga, Spain, and I had a 24-hour travel experience to get from my home town to Timisoara, Romania. I arrived here on 6thof March at 11:30 p.m.

On March 7, we had a free day. It helped me to adapt to the house and, also, to get to know the city a bit.

Volunteer Friends

From the first day, I felt well in this new context of the coexistence as a family of volunteers.

With time, I got to know better the people who live with me in the house.

The training with Marina is very useful and enjoyable because she is close to us, humble and generous.

At first I did not understand anything. Alejandro’s solidarity has helped me to adapt better and to understand things. Step by step, I noticed that I understand English a bit more.

I like a lot the Romanian classes with Lore, she is teaching us little by little and I understand almost everything; what matters most is the pronunciation.

Timisoara is a quiet, cozy and beautiful city.

In the context where I am part of the Student Union section of the CNT and I have a degree in Administration and Finance, I decided that a volunteering experience would be a useful next step for my personal development. After having a look at all the different volunteering opportunities, I have chosen this project, and decided to apply for it.

Another reason why I came here is the opportunity to meet social associations in Romania in order to start collaborating with them. I am currently studying how anarchy influenced Romania and I am interested in the beliefs and activity of the most important Romanian anarchist intellectuals. I hope that, at some point, I’ll get to meet people from some anarchist associations here and try to build the FairCoop project in any city in Romania.


My second experience

Given that my English is improving, I am more confident now.

Since this project has started, I have travelled to Bucharest, Belgrade (Serbia) and, in the near future, I am planning also to visit other cities in Romania.

What I also enjoyed until now about this EVS project was the experience of preparing and delivering my own creativity and ecology workshops in a few high schools in Timişoara.

Now I have a lot of Romanian friends. Also, the other day, I was in the university campus to meet a friend of my brother’s. The guy is Spanish and now he is studying in Timişoara, so this cool city also provided a great opportunity for me to catch up with a friend from my home country.

The atmosphere in our house from Timişoara is very pleasant; we get along as a family.

My mentor Alberto is a very friendly and helpful person.

At this point, I can honestly say that I love Romania.

This experience is very important for me. I am a social activist in my home city and this is a great opportunity for me to develop my professional skills, to actually use and develop my general knowledge in order to become a better social activist.

I would also like to add that I don´t like bureaucracy and I am studying CIGNA (health insurance).

I am a volunteer in Timisoara.

Jesús Márquez Ruiz

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