Discover the country, discover the project!

Discover the country, discover the project!

Hi guys, it is me again, Anna. Still Italian, still a volunteer, but now with more “experience” to share with you.

I’m here for almost two months now and, meanwhile, I had the opportunity to discover a lot of interesting places in Romania and near Romania. During the first month, together with the other volunteers in my group, I had a training session in Bucharest, it was amazing. We met a lot of volunteers which became our friends. We discovered Bucharest together and they were a great company to have.


Some of those volunteers came to Timişoara and together we went to Belgrade, which turned out to be another beautiful trip in the company of these awesome people.

And my adventure didn’t stop here. This month, my family came to Timişoara and we decided to travel around the country. We travelled to the lake Ochiul beiului, which was a long and interesting trip with my friends.


The roads were not that “modern”, but everything went fine, it was a fun trip, and for us it was like going back in time. We saw many small villages and we could notice the difference between the city and the countryside. Finally, we found the lake, it was dark and we did not get to see the waterfall, but, overall, it has been a really nice trip with my friends.

The day after this, we went to Arad, a city which left me with a really pleasant impression. I generally like discovering new places and a volunteering experience in a foreign country is, without any doubt, the best way to satisfy my hunger for travelling.


I also have to mention that Romania is famous for its castles and when my sister came here with her boyfriend, we decided this was the right time to visit Corvin Castle and Deva Castle.

Needless to say that it was amazing, when you travel with your friends or family it just couldn’t be any other way.

Coming back to the actual volunteer work I am here for, one month ago, I had my first presentation and at the beginning I was very scared because this was a completely new experience for me.


Sure, I previously had the chance to work with students back in my country, but here is different without any doubt. What I really liked about this experience is the fact that I still keep in touch with the students who took part in the workshops I prepared. Until now, we presented three workshops on the following topics: creativity, public speaking and environmental protection.

I hope this volunteering experience will go on like this and I also hope that I’ll have the opportunity to further discover Romania with its wonderful people and places =).

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