EVS Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association)


EVS Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association)

I arrived here 2 months ago and right now I am very comfortable. I know a little bit more the city and I met a lot of Erasmus people from Timisoara’s universities. The atmosphere is fantastic here.

I could travel a little bit around Romania, I was in Bucharest in our training with all the volunteers which arrived here in the same month. It was fantastic to learn more about EVS and to meet a lot of interesting persons from different countries.

Also, I knew two villages from Romania, close to Timisoara. They are Hunedoara, which has a big castle and Sibiu, which is lovely, peaceful, clean and different than other Romanian villages. I recommend you to visit it!

About our project, I am very happy because we are working with students in schools doing workshops and interactive classes; that is nice.

My English is improving quickly because all my activities are in English and I can communicate with my partners by this language. I feel better now.

The weather is very good and we can enjoy it in our fantastic garden.

My partners are wonderful and they are helping me in everything.

Everything is fantastic and I am very happy to be here.

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