Timișoara here I come!

My journey to get to Timișoara and my first impressions


My journey to get to Timișoara

Let me tell you how I managed to finally arrive to this beautiful city called Timișoara :-)


♩Dring Dring! ♩“Oh, already?! Ok, I hope everything will work out fine!  “A lonnnnnng day is waiting for me” that’s exactly what I said to myself.

I had to take the bus at 6 am in order to go to the airport, but… on the day of my departure it was snowing AND the bus did not pass! (French people are generally a little bit lazy when it is snowy. So, I almost missed my second bus to get to the airport… Hopefully the subway was working, but I had to run all over Paris to catch it, and running on the slippery snow is quite dangerous.


After one hour of traveling by bus I finally arrived at the airport! But surprise, my flight was delayed (not because of the snow, but because of a technical problem of the aircraft).


My plane finally took off (with 2 hours of delay), after landing at the Bucharest airport at 4 pm, I unfortunately noticed that my luggage was opened (THX TO BRAVOFLY COMPANY).


My next plane finally took off and I managed to get to Timisoara airport at 7 pm, but I let you guess what happened! One of the wheels of my suitcase was broken – (THX TO TAROM COMPANY), yeah I know, that can definitely be called bad luck :’(

But after all that, everything went well 😀  Andreea (President of  Zury Association) and his brother came at the airport and, then, they drove me to the house where I met the other volunteers.

First days in Timisoara

The first days were very cold, but not for me because I received a WAAARMMMM welcome (Thanks for the organization members!) :-)

First thing I did not expect to have: A big house! I thought that we will be living in an apartment to be honest. I’m sharing the house with other 5 volunteers (2 Spanish, 1 French, 1 Italian and 1 Lithuanian) and we get along very well. We cook together, we go out together and we visit cool places.

Here are my guys <3 (With little Jesus photoshoped into it)
group photo with jesus

Marina, our lovely coordinator was here to train and support us with preparing our workshops! Preparing the first ones was a little bit difficult at the beginning but now we are used to do it.  We also have a mentor called Alberto, he is Italian and he is very nice, he knows some good places to go and have a drink :-) and he also gave us a tour of the city. We are also attending Romanian classes provided by our teacher Lore. She also gave us a tour of the central area of Timisoara, explaining some details regarding the history of the different places and landmarks we could admire with this occasion!

Timisoara is rather a small city, but a really beautiful one. In fact, it’s better (for me) because I used to live in small cities that you can cross by walking! (That’s why I’m not such a big fan of Paris ^^’)

People here are very nice to us. They are open-minded, friendly and kind, they are interested to what we have to say, they make time for us. We met a lot of people, I mean Romanian people and now we also go out with them, we managed to integrate ourselves very well in Timișoara :-)

And the city also has a great campus! This place is really nice with a lot of shops, bars, restaurants etc.

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