“Timisoara I’m coming”


Hello Timisoara!

I’m Lucas, I am 19 years old and a few months ago, I was studying mathematics in France, I was going out with my friends, I had good moments with my family. But, here I am, in Timisoara, in this beautiful city. I didn’t expect that I will be alone and during 6 months, but that’s what I chose. I accepted to do this experience, as a challenge to myself. When I stopped studying, I thought I was nothing more than those students who dropped their studies, doing nothing for a year.  But today, this mistake is the most beautiful thing that happened to me.

It’s been almost one month I’m here, and I have adopted the Romanian way of life. I’m here to share my knowledge about my culture, about my country and my language, but also I am learning about myself, and I didn’t think that it will be such a powerful effect on me. Since the first day, I’m feeling like at home.

When I arrived at the airport, I was anxious, because I left France with lots of stereotypes. I was welcomed by Andreea, the president of the association and her brother Catalin. It was a warm welcome. After that they took me to what was going to be my future home for 6 months.

I was with another volunteer from Italy. At first, communication between us was very difficult, it was funny trying to speak and trying to understand each other. But even without communication the atmosphere was good. We waited for two other volunteers, a French and a Lithuanian. I was relieved to know that I will not be the only French. When they arrived, we looked around the house and ate a pizza together. Waiting for a fifth volunteer from Spain, we played cards, it was fun to try to understand without really succeeding. From this first evening, I knew it was going to be a good experience.

The next day, we met our coordinator, Marina. She was very cool with us. We went to the mall during the afternoon and we learned a little more about each other. A day later, we met our mentor, Alberto, a really good guy. During this meeting in different bars, I realized that here, the way of life and the atmosphere between us was much more than I expected. Only few days together and we were already a family.

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