Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association) EVS

My Experience as a Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association) EVS

I come from Málaga, a 24-hour travel experience to get to Timisoara on March 6 at 11:30 p.m.

On March 7, we had a free day. It helped me to adapt a bit to the house and get to know a bit of the city.

I felt from the first day quite well adapted to the coexistence as a family.

Over time I was getting to know the different people who live with me in the house.


The training with Marina is very good, because she is a person close to us, humble and generous.

At first I did not understand anything. Alejandro’s solidarity has helped me to better adapt and understand things. Over time I understand a little more English.

I like a lot Romanian classes with Lore, she is teaching us little by little and I understand almost everything; what matters most is the pronunciation.

Timisoara is a quiet, cozy and beautiful city.

Timisoara family

Because I collaborate in the student union section of the CNT, and my studies in Administration and Finance, I wanted to volunteer a long time ago, when I finished my studies I decided to look at the different projects, and I liked this project, and decided to send application.

I came here in addition of wanting to get involved in the project, because I would like to meet social groups in Romania to collaborate with them. I am currently studying how Anarchy influenced Romania, and the most important Romanian anarchist intellectuals. Over time I hope to meet groups if they can be anarchists in Romania, and also meet a social group to build the FairCoop project in any city in Romania.

My second experience

In this time I have learned English and I am surer.

I was in Bucharest, Belgrade (Serbian), in the future I will be in other city from Romanian.

I made my firsts workshops in the High School about the creativity and environment.

I have a lot of friends in Romania, the other day I was in the campus of University (because my brother know a student from Spain, He is studying in Timisoara now.

At home I am perfect; it is similar to a family.

My mentor is very friendly; Alberto is a very good person.

I love Romania; this experience is very important for me because I am social activist in my city, I can develop my professional skills and apply my knowledge as social activist about education, etc.

I don´t like the bureaucracy because I am studing CIGNA (health insurance).

I am Volunteer in Timisoara.

Jesús Márquez Ruiz

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