EVS Volunteer in Timisoara(Zury Association)


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EVS Volunteer in Timisoara (Zury Association)

Hello I am Alex from Spain. My city is Granada which is in the south of the country.

About me,I am a funny friendly person and I like the music, all differents kind of music are fantastic for me.Also, I like sports and practice football and snowboard,I feel free when I practice it.

I decided to do this EVS because i would like to improve my English.Also i want to know other country,culture,people and food.

My travel was too long because the Timisoara’s airport is very small that is why, there are few flights and they are expensive.I had to take two flights to go to Timisoara.The first one was from M├ílaga to London and the second one was from London to Timisoara and when I arrived to Timisoara’s airport some person of the association were there waiting for me and they bring me to my new house.


The guys of the association are fantastic.They always are helping us in everything we need.

We are living in a big,beautiful and confortable house with a big garden and it is in a quiet neighbourhood not far from the center.

The city is very beautiful and has a lot of evets on Summer and good environment because in Timisoara there is a university and a lot of students come here to do their degrees.

I hope to learn a lot of things in this experience.I will work very hard to improve myself and I willl help my association and my partners in everything.

I am very happy to be here and I will enjoy my experience

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