Timisoara. Welcome in Romania!

“Timisoara life”.

Hello guys, I’m Anna and I’m an italian girl.Timisoara

And for six months I will live in Timisoara.  What do you do an italian girl in Romania? As regards me, ofter one month ago, I decided to come here for an European program call it “EVS”. Do you know what is an EVS? It is an European voluntery service, a program that allow you to work in an no profit organization with other Young people. But come back to me. I decided to come to prove this experience because is important for me to know different cultures. Also, because I like really this project, I like working with school, even if, it is not what I want to do in life.


In the first time I was ver scared and exited at the same time because I hadn’t never travel alone and find me in a new city with people that I didn’t know, it was very strange but that feeling passed as soon asI met the guys. The first week passed really fast, we have got to know a little about the city. It is very funny discover the different cultures, we are six persons in the house: two french guys, two spanish, one lituanian girl and, obviusly, me. We live in the same house and we have a different lifestyle but is not a problem for us, rather, it is a way to improve ourselves. In a short time we became like a family.

Timisoara family

During the end of the second week, there was my birthday and the guys organized for me a party, including cake and candles. They singed “Happy birthday to you” in italian version. Very funny!!! I was very very happy to spend my 25th birthday with this crazy guys.

Happy birthday to me

Why I choose Timisoara? At the beginning I didn’t know nothing about romanian people and their Language or lifestyle but more I’m here more Inotice that it is very similar to italian lifestyle. Now, I ask me if there are really differences between italian and romanian people =P. Now  I understand why a lot of italian come here for work,  study or for pleasure. And than, the city is very nice, there is a lot of culture, a lot of nature and, obviously, club for the Young people.

What I noticed different? Basically, food and coffee. The romanian cuisine is very different to italian, expecially to napoletan cuisine. I miss PIZZAAAAA but I like romanian food. For what concerns the coffee, I will make a reason for it!!!! XD



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