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My name is William, I am 25 years old and I think of myself as a united traveler.

I have stopped my studies very early because I never liked to stay many hours in the class to learn many things which are not interesting for me and don’t expand my creativity etc. This act for my parents was pretty difficult but they understood me, so I started to work in Interim especially in factory to have money and be able to travel.

After this I traveled a lot all over the world for different periods each time.

On the 3rd of March 2018 I took the airplane to Romania where I engaged in a 2 months project as a volunteer with kids and sports also thanks to ”Parcours Le Monde” and ”Zury Association” otherwise I would have never worked with children and teenagers.

Here are my first steps in Romania by going out of the plane to Timisoara. There was a lot of snow with a temperature reaching 5° Celsius, in a language I didn’t understand because I was brought to Arad by means of a pleasant person who did not speak English nor French thus to have a dialogue it was hard or even impossible.

When I arrived, I met my new roommates, I was welcomed very well; we left walking and taking advantage of some snow while getting to know them better. But after a day of transport, wait etc. the only thing you want it is to sleep, but I fell in a trap because I did not imagine that I would get home at 2 am after drinking some beer in the evening and meeting the other volunteers.

My first day in the association begins on Monday, 5th of March. I went to an educational center for inclusion, where children with different disorders learn together. I was able to notice with some children their secret relations and their resourcefulness. In the beginning, it was very difficult to be understood or even to be able to manage to mix and communicate because they were not speaking English at all and couldn’t speak Romanian, thus I had to find of other means of exchange with them as gestures, movements, and the music seemed to be an amusement. We played football, basketball and we played at the computer so we did different activities every time but I was there mostly to assist their teacher and watch over the kids.

The second school where I went, was a high school with teenagers between 15 and 17 years, our mission was to show the French humor with famous Youtubers and to see how they react to it.

Then we made a workshop in another High school about drugs prevention and I had a good interaction with a boy from this school, we had an interesting conversation about the topic that we presented and after he introduced me to his friends.

We also led French courses by means of a slide show on projector and put some music with my portable speaker to make a comparison between French classic music and the music nowadays and in the end we gave them the opportunity to play their favorite songs.

The third school where I had activities was a center for Roma children. One of the activities we planned there was a small Bingo with fruits for them to learn French, English and German. It was very interesting for them to learn a new language and they showed a lot of interest. Other times we made together origami or coloring pages. I learned a lot from these children, because I was able to notice that they appreciate me a lot just for being there and that was heartwarming to me because I also liked them very much.

There were many days like this which I will not talk about them now; on the other hand I can speak to you of a certain journey made with some French friends from the association. We left to Kecskemet in Hungary for a weekend, to see friends of Léo (one of the volunteers in Zury). They were also a part of an association and they offered him the opportunity to be part of another EVS project for 10 months. There is here a photo of the good time we had there.

To make it short, EVS was an incredible experience, some people I met were very kind, others not so much but it’s everywhere like this. I learned a lot about myself and about children, especially how interesting it is to work with kids and teenagers and mostly I improved my self-confidence being able to lead an activity in front of a group of persons.

Multumesc Zury ! <3


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