MY EVS project in Romania


My name is Léo, I’m twenty years old, and I’m from Nice, France. I started my EVS project in Romania on the 10th of February.

Before, in high school, I was studying marketing, and also after my baccalaureate, the final French exam, a university of marketing. But I realized that it wasn’t for me, and I left 4 months after.

I was lost, so I started to work in my city as an ice cream seller, to save money and afford to take one year to travel, like a sabbatical year. Finally, after the summer 2017, I was out of money. Few months after, I talked with an orientation counselor.  It was the revelation. She talked to me about EVS. So I started to make a lot of research about this, and found a project in Romania.

I was really interested to go in Eastern Europe, so it was perfect. At the beginning I wanted a 6 months project, but I also was thinking about my study in September, and finally I realized that 2 months is very short, because EVS life is wonderful. If you can do more, do it. If you want to discover before, 2 months is really nice, because after you can do another EVS.  So, this was my life before, and how I arrived here, now I will talk about my EVS, what I do, my city, the people, and all the things.

 Most of the time, I work in a “special school”, it means that they have disabled kids, and poor kids, because it’s a cheap school. All the kids are mixed, and the education system is very different. We work with kids of 8-9 years old, and they don’t speak English, so we try to adapt, and do activities without language, or with body language. We do sports, board games, drawing, origami, this type of workshops. I really enjoy it actually!


Besides, because I’m French, I give with other French volunteers, French lessons in schools. We use different methods: talking about French culture, like cinema, music, architecture, literature. Also, we work on vocabulary, all the times in trying to make it as interesting as possible, with the maximum of interaction with them. For this, we teach them to introduce themselves, to speak with us about them, what they like, and what they want to do. Finally, we try to make an exchange of culture, they teach us things about Romania! And it’s really nice.

Do an EVS! It’s also a chance to meet a lot of people, local people and people from all over Europe. Actually, I met people from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Latvia, Macedonia… It’s a rich experience of exchange, and the good way to learn English. I discovered so many things, traditions, foods! I advised all my French friends to do an EVS !

Arad. Our city. I don’t know what to say, just…wonderful. The first things I saw, it’s the architecture, really incredible, I love it!! And you always have something to do, go to the park, walk around the river, go to events, cinema, drink coffee or beer with friends. The good life!

I learned a lot here, and I recommend you to do the same.

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