A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what is built for


01.10.2017: six months from then you can be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, physically, financially …

31.03.2018: I am realizing that I went through this sensation. This is what happened to me, the day I started my European Voluntary Service.

After high school graduation I took my first steps out of my home – Germany – …out of my known space into a completely unknown chapter of life. I chose my EVS in Romania because I am half German/Romanian. And I wanted to discover more the country my mum is from, but I never lived in. So let’s go to Romania (Arad ) for EVS!

My main task for my organization is to create various activities/workshops based on different topics. I am developing fields as social-communication, ecology, environmental protection, sport and health and personal developement.

Retrospective, all this kind of workshops, activities and lessons which I prepared, our aim was to support the local beneficiaries. We wanted to create like an intercultural exchange with our target groups.

For example the knowledge about European Voluntary Service or Youth Exchange is very low. For the youngsters it’s impossible to have an idea about going abroad after graduation. So we created opportunity classes about this topic. We could speak easily about EVS and internships, with our own experiences.

Furthermore the Romanian community is really interested in the western European languages. To give linguistic and cultural classes about our home countries – Germany, France – was a great chance for youngsters to dip a little bit in our homelands and to have individual perspectives of lifestyle and habits.


As the support for minority groups is very poor we gave weekly assistance, encouragement, engagement, tolerance, facilities for Roma-kids and children/teenagers with disabilities.

I am also a person with a deep wall, and I never knew how hard it is to get into people like me and to gain trust. Until I started working with roma kids. They have already built in a very young age a high wall against people. Especially if they don’t know you they tend easily to reject anything you try to give. So in the beginning you have to understand that their lives at home are completely different and they are raised in a different way than probably me or my teammates.

I recognized when I am working with Roma-kids or kids with disabilities that I am working with lions. With strong fighters, always prepared to protect themselves.

What do they need? To put it in a nutshell: peace and love.

Even if it’s tough in the beginning as they start to trust you, you gain the brightest smiles and laughs. To give attention and to be always attentive is the cure. Love and attention spread into the kids hearts as peace.   

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