Evs- on stage and behind

Evs- The story
Once upon a time there was a girl called Drosoula. Drosoula comes from the European country with the most of the islands. It was the last year if her studies and she was thinking:
‘’ What I am gonna do after..’’. Thinking of this one day that she was scrolling on facebook, she saw this program in a post. EVS step up-build your career in Romania and she clicked on the link

Evs- The preparation
She wasn’t actually expect to be chosen but she did the application and one day the e-mail tone rang. She was announced that she has been chosen for the program [ So if you see an application don’t hesitate to apply cause of the rejection you never know] So she made her luggage and she took the flight to Romania.


Evs- Arriving in Romania
When she first came to Romania she was a little bit anxious cause her life would gonna be completely different from now on. She arrived after her long trip to her apartment with her mentor ready to sleep on the floor if necessary and she met her first roommate, Giedre a girl from Lithuania that she came out of the room like the wind, with her hair messy from sleeping to meet her. ‘’ Hi my name is Giedre’’ and here is how the relationship started.

Evs- The appartment
After some weeks two new flat mates came and the apartment them were complete 4 and ready for a poker game, but none of them had cards. There was a guy from France, one from Turkey, a girl from Lithuania and her from the country with the many islands and this could be the begging of a great joke that almost most of the country has. Their cohabitation in the apartment was really good in the begging cause every one of them was a unique personality. Drosoula learn many things about the other and during living with others. This apartment was a lively Europe.

Evs- experiences with other volunteers

One of the most beautiful things for Drosoula is the relationship with the other volunteers.

’Meeting people form other countries is really interesting. Every person caries in him/herself a part from different traditions, different habits, different expressions that are fun to know. Ou lala/ manific from France, alah-alah/tesecular, from Turkey and iki pasimatimo from Lithuanian are some expressions I will never forget.’’


Here in Arad there were many volunteers from other associations so they do many activities all together. Walking in the parks, shopping, coffee and chatting, clubbing. The volunteers were the like the flowers that make the city more beautiful. Also, they were so many that theymcould have 3 birthday parties in one month. And who says no to a party?


It is well known that the most of the volunteers hide a Phileas fogg in their personality and its possible for them to travel 80 hours at their free time to explore Romania. Drosoula had the opportunity to see many places in Romania like Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj, Bucharest, Predeal…

‘’One of my favorite experience was the trip to Predeal. We were for 5 days in a village in the mountains next to Brasov and everything was in white. Snow was everywhere. We stay in a really nice and cheap apartment with Netflix and it was my first time that I tried ski. We have a really nice time with my friend Louis from France who struggles to teach me and it was so cool’’


That’s what se said returning to Arad sick of the cold weather and with pain in her legs from falling.

‘’Also a worth mentioning experience was the first trip to Oradea. We went the first month that we came here and it was a big food festival, concerts and different events and at night we went clubbing in 5 different places. We tried Canadian and Chinese food and some Turkish sweets that was amazing.

20171007_135025That’s what she said and return back to Arad 5 kilos more.


Evs-experiences on the seminars

She took the midnight train going… to Bucharest. She had never travel with the night train before. In Bucharest she met volunteers from all over the Europe that also live in Romania.

‘’Ι learn a lot of thing about myself by the interaction to the others. We exchange many experiences, problems, solutions, we laugh, we play.’

But there was one the thing that every volunteer understands for sure. That they had places to go and visit in Romania for free

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Evs-cool schools

20171122_101421 20171129_101740

Drosoula was used to work in schools but this time was completely different. She didn’t know the language so she tried to find alternative ways of doing her activities especially when she was with younger kids.

‘’ Body language and creative activities referring to arts and sports are better in these situations. You need to use your imagination ’’

Drosoula was working in groups with other volunteers and sometimes had workshops alone.

‘’I was in economic school and I taught Greek to 16-18 ages.  I have never done this before, I wouldn’t expect from myself to be able to teach kids more or less in my age. I did the all the necessary preparation, I was speaking to myself in the mirror at night, I had nightmares of my lesson to be scrud up but in the end of the lesson I felt so strong that I have achieve something that I have never did before’’

20171113_131328 20171121_122836‘’ I saw many types of schools, religious, with minorities, disabilities and new generation schools so I was able to compare situations, places, organizing… This help me to point out the good and the bad parts and create a better evaluation’’

‘’I working with kids with different ages and in different school environments made me more active and adjustable-organized to ready for every situation’’

20171117_113606 20171117_113558’One day I was working really hard to prepare a presentation like a story with some lost Greek pots. The children enjoy so much the workshop that the next time I went there I had a new pattern in my shoes and a new natural tattoo of hugs in my back. ‘’

So confidence, adjustability, organizing, creativity, new experiences, meeting new people happiness and completion was what Drosoula gain for her experience in schools.

And here are some beautiful memories


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