Living with others is always a challenge. You are sharing your private space, where you eat, where you rest, where you arrived after work, where you cry and laugh with other people that do the same with or without you. A place so important for a human being deserves being called home. But no every house where you arrive deserves that name.

What is home? In the games when we were children (or not) home was the place where you were safe and nobody could catch you or “kill” you. When we became adults it’s not so different. The life outside your home can be a jungle and we need that space of protection. But this is space is not made by itself lime in the games; you have to build it with your own hands, brain and effort.

Then, living with others includes that what is so important for you maybe is not so much for the rest or the opposite. Then comes the challenge: build a good relationship with your mates, keep nice the place and being able to discuss in a peaceful and enriching way all the deals that are for

Is really not easy but is one of the most useful and intense learning I had here as an EVS, even more with the aspect of living together with different cultures. I’ve been able to do do this huge defiance with Estonian, Spanish, Turkish, French and Italian people. It wasn’t perfect but it was nice to do it. I would do it again and I would do it better. I argued, I stressed myself and I had really fun. Some times I share more; sometimes it was more individual, sometimes even you feel like in a family. But always you have an important role in the result. And always is a perfect situation to discover what you like and what you don’t \, what you appreciate and to understand what the others appreciate or not as well. Tolerance, patience and honesty used to be a good cocktail. A small world, an example of what you would like to build in the future. A real learning in the real life, that’s it.

It is wonderful.

Sara Lazaro Criado.


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