On The Road of EVS


In my previous article, I wrote something about “What is NOT EVS?”

And now I want to talk about “What is EVS?” after five months experience in Timisoara as a volunteer.

What is EVS?

As a general definition, European Voluntary Service is a kind of volunteering programme that funded by the European Commission. The programme, that has intercultural dimension and non-formal education approach, involve the young people who are between 18 and 30 years old.


What is the purpose of EVS?

As I told you this is a non formal education method and aiming is;

  • increasing the person’s own skill with practical experience,
  • encouraging the learning process
  • developing the ability of interaction
  • promoting the active citizenship
  • supporting the development of local communities


All the information is general information that can be found on the internet easily and can be experienced by volunteers. WELL! For me, all of them are experienced more or less. In five months, I went to high schools to make presentations and workshops. They were related to anti- tobacco/ alcohol \ drug for healthy life awareness. Also we arranged events that are about promoting healthy life style with my group mates. Bicycle clubs are the new events that are arranged for summer apart from presentations, workshops and events. There is another activity is new for me these days… Kindergarten…  The activity is within the scope of other project in office. As a healthy life project’s volunteers, we are also joining for help. And I can say that attending in this kind of activity is different from others. Staying with the children make me feel young and energetic. This is the life that pure and only with toys…

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