EVS is improving yourself

During this European voluntary Service, I did a lot of various activities. From the presentations in high school to the French classes I will explain you what I did and what this experiences bring me.

First of all, with another group of volunteers we had to prepare presentations to prevent consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. To present it, we choose the way that use powerpoint. Using this, to make non-boring presentation was the first thing that I improved. The second-one was the public speaking, because you have to attract attention of teenagers about difficult topics.

Another mission was to create some events and workshops. According to our project, we organised the anti-tobacco day, and anti-drugs day events. The first was in the street when the second was in a pub where we projected a movie and create a debate after.
In collaboration with Timisoara 2021 (The city apply for being European capital of culture), we organise every two weeks debates about different topics (food, sports activities, recycling etc…) with foreigners and local people. The aim is to found solution to improve the quality of life of Timisoara. It is a really good experience, and these debates attract people, so our group of volunteers are proud of this. With these missions I improving my skills in communication, public speaking and I realised all the flyers (with illustrator), I really improved my skills with this software, and It will be really usefull for my future job.

This month, I started to teach French, It is a real challenge for me, because I never did this in my life before. The course is organise in four lessons, and I’m using prezzi (software to create visual presentation) and a blackboard (like in real school) to present my course. The aim is to teach the French speaking basics and make people practice. To be honest they already have a good level so it is not so hard to teach them, but I have some good feedback so I think it is useful.

And to finish, we are going to a kindergarten, and this is the best experience of my EVS. We are doing some activities with them. It is really surprising because some of them knows english (at 5 years old!!!). After two days, some links are created between us and the childrens. Working in a kindergarten is really difficult; you have to be creative because they get bored easily so you have to found a lot of activities to do with them, care about all of them because if not they can be jealous and angry. But it is a really nice experience, they are young, full of life, and full of energy. I will miss them after my project.

To conclude, I want to say that all these experiences will be really useful in my future life. And I don’t have any regret to came here, in Romania, because this EVS make me improve myself a lot.

                                                                                                                                 Luc PAREZ

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