Teaching Spanish

Last week, on 6th July, it was my first Spanish lesson. This Spanish language Course is part of a bigger project called Intercultural July. The project includes also French and Italian language courses.

I felt a bit nervous, but I think the class was good enough. It was dynamic and interactive.

First, we started the class with the basics: learning the alphabet and how to pronounce the letters, and the numbers. Second, we had fun learning how to introduce ourselves, ask for directions, and some other basic questions which could be useful when travelling to Spain or other country where Spanish is the official language. We continued with an introduction to some adverbs and personal pronouns. We ended the class with one of the most important aspects of the Spanish grammar: the verb “to be”, for which the Spanish language uses two verbs (“ser” y “estar”), each of them being used in a certain context. Then, we practiced and learnt how to differentiate them.

The Spanish course is divided into 4 weeks, a lesson per week, and the content is focused on learning grammar and vocabulary in an interactive and dynamic way in order to keep the student engaged and make learning fun.

Yesterday, it was the second lesson. We made a brief review of the last session. Next the students discovered how to say the time and the days of week. Then, they could ask and answer for meetings.  By the end, our learners assimilated the conjugation of the regular verbs in present, past simple and future simple.

Now, we arrived in the halfway, which means just are two classes away. For now, I can say it’s a great experience to get involved in this kind of activities, which you can teach and make others to learn from you.


We hope you enjoy such as learn Spanish.

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