My Project that I am already in the fourth month, I would like to share my observations and suggestions instead of the questions that ‘Why I am here?’, ‘Why Romania?’, ‘Why am I in this project?’ and so on… Because still I haven’t found the answers of these questions.

   The fact is that, besides having many positive and negative experiences, there will be an opportunity of social network. With this opportunity, a lot of newness start to enter your life such as culture, language, religion, thought in unused ways. Moreover everything you live will be your experience!, your life!

   One of my suggestions is that if you don’t want to beIMG_0084 dissapointed, you  need to consider that EVS is NOT a platform that ONLY give an opportunity to go abroad or travel. You should choose a project and a country that can satisfied you. Another part is you shouldn’t forget that EVS won’t be ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Maybe when you face something, you feel not satisfied with the country and the project that you have been, you don’t like the people who live with you or the situations that are occuring. Most important thing in this situation, ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ or ‘CHOOSE THE CORRECT TIME that you need give up’ because you can be sure you feel end of every situation that never feel like this before.

   Now I look back my 111last 3 months in Romania, supposed to be lived to write for observations and suggestions and I did live… How the time flies? while I was asking myself  before ‘How it will pass?’. When you asked or already felt this situation, you realise ‘you are a volunteer’. When you think that in this period of life is worthwhile as everymoment of your life, you realise ‘you are a volunteer’. Stay volunteer…

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