Thoughts about my experience and my project

Having a degree in geography and a master degree in urban planning, I took the decision to do two European Voluntary Service: a short term EVS in Georgia and more recently, a long term EVS in Romania. The objective was to realise an old dream: travelling and discovering, and more precisely, to discover the life in others part of this big area named Europe.
My EVS in Georgia during one month was a great experience, I have very good memories about this South-Eastern European country, it’s culture, it’s landscape, it’s food, it’s architecture, it’s music, and also the people and theirs’s simplicity. Nevertheless, the others volunteers I met in Georgia were especially French. In this experience I have just discovered Georgian culture and after my return in France, I was nostalgic so I decided to have a new EVS experience.
I arrived in Romania almost two months ago. I have visited Timisoara and others places in the country, I like the atmosphere from Timisoara, I like to walk in the city-centre or along the river and the on-arrival-training in Sibiu was also a good experience. The Romanian people are very welcoming and very nice, Romanian culture is interesting. Also, in Romania, I have had the opportunity to do good meeting, and to see many nationalities among the volunteers (Italians, Turkish, Spanish, Estonians, Georgians, Armenian and also French).
When I am thinking at Romania comparing to France, it is in the same time a “close/similar” country (Romanian language is a Latin language, like French, the Central-European architecture style, not so different from French architecture), and a “different” country (communist legacy, standard of living frequently low in rural areas and in several neighbourhoods, rudimentary health system, but also more peaceful society, there are common points with Georgia). In my mind, Romania it’s a kind of intermediate between Georgia and France, comparing the culture, the economy and the social connections, even if Georgia is not either radically different from France.
During my two EVS, my personal project has evolved. I start thinking that maybe, I don’t want to work in France in the future; probably, I will stay in Timisoara, for example to work as a translator or work in another place as Georgia (but it would be hard, because of the difficulty with the Georgian language) or who knows … other country. Anyway, my future project is a bit vague.
During my Romanian EVS, my objectives are to be able to speak English fluently, to learn Romanian and to create links with local community (in the perspective that I will work here) and also improve my public speaking and organizational competences.
To conclude, I can say that this experience has confirmed my sense of belonging to European Community. Europe is like a very big country, but with different languages, life’s conditions, state legislations and mentalities.


Gauthier Caron
Volunteer in Zury Association

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