8 things and habits I will miss of my dear Arad

Ciao amici,

as someone of you already knows my volunteering project is going to finish in 1 month. I’m not a nostalgic-man because I like to watch to the future and never to the past. But in these days I was thinking what I will miss of my dear Arad when I will come back in my hometown Sassari in Sardinia and for sure there will be some of these things…


  1. Bicycling close to the river. My dear Mures river is not similar to my dear Sardinian sea but it has the power to let me relax and peaceful mood.
Raul Mures


2. Taking pictures of the sunset.

I really enjoy take pictures in general. The sunset is my specialty and Arad is good for this kind of picture.

Parcul Reconcilierii


3. Corn ciocolata in my favorite patiseria.

Everyday when I work in the office I take a break around 11.00 a.m.. All the time my colleagues think that I have some secret girlfriend or business. I cannot say “no”, maybe it’s true. But for sure during my break I come in my favorite patiseria in the center of Arad and I eat one amazing corn ciocolata.


4. The flag of Romania.

When I see the Romanian flag for me it’s something of special. I like the colors: blue like the sky, yellow like the sun, red like the sunset. It’s a perfect combination. I like when there is some celebration because the city is full of these beautiful flags.

The Romanian flag


5. My apartment close to the Railway Station.

I like to travel and a Railway station close to your flat is super. Especially when I’m tired and I come back in the night at 1:05 a.m. from Timisoara.



6. The reference points for the meetings.

Primaria, Teatru, Podgoria… They are always the reference points for a meeting when some of my new friends just arrive in the city and don’t know how to go in some place.

The view of Arad from the Water-Tower


7. Hamburger cinci lei.


“Hamburger de pui, va rog!”

“Dulce o picant?”

“Picant, fara ceapa va rog!”

“Aici or la pachet?”

“La pachet”

“Cinci lei va rog”


“Multumesc, la revedere”

“La revedere”.

Actually it’s not my favorite kind of food. But I’m a volunteer and when there is no time for cooking I always opt for this cheap and fast option.


8. My old bicycle.

My bicycle is not the best one in the word. It’s not the faster one. It’s not the comfortable one. But with this old bicycle I visited all the city and I know Arad so well like Sassari my hometown.

Me, the bicycle and Primaria


And okay, maybe I will miss the people as well because of course I’m not a nostalgic-man but I’m not also an ice-man.

Amici thanks for reading and see you in the next article,

Gavino Piras



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