The Journey Continues- The Dark Times.

It didn’t take long until I started to think about my next blogpost. The reason is that our awesome European group had the worst week anyone could ever have. Since European Voluntary Service is not only about everyday activities and work, it is also important to mention the parts, when nothing goes the way we’ve planned.

So, last week. The week itself started like any other week. We went to work, did our presentations, brainstorming, Romanian lessons and had fun while doing it. Everything seemed totally normal. On Tuesday we celebrated Nicola’s birthday and ate an awesome cake! Atleast that’s what we thought… but Romanian special cake had other plans for us.

After work on Wednesday everything went to hell. In a row, all of our group members started to fall ill. It was a total pukefest! First people went to the hospital at 10 o’clock, while the others were praying not to be the next ones. But in the end all of us followed the hospital gang soon after.

The hospital was like a war zone! Some of us in the corridors, lying on hospital beds, having I.V stuff going through our veins. Others in their own hospital rooms starting to feel a little better thanks to the medicine they gave us. It was awful 2 hours, lying on our backs, not being able to move because of the freakin’ needle in our hands, cold, uncomfortable.. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  When we finally got rid of our I.V , we actually thought that now everything will be better, we can go home, sleep, be totally fine the next day. But the doctors didn’t agree with us.  Instead they put us in the ambulance and took us to another hospital! Luckily we didn’t have to stay there for long, cause they only did a fast check-up, wrote a prescriptons to 4 (WHAAAAT?!?!) different kinds of pills and sent us home. For me, most of the real sickness started just after leaving the hospital, when arriving home. We all had a great night!

On the way to the hospital!

So, no work on Thursday nor Friday. We just stayed home, tried to stay alive, bought our pills and just hoped that everything will be good soon. Well, we got healthier in two days, though some of us felt weak and tired almost all weekend.

But, the adventure didn’t end there. Saturday, another great day. My flat, 5 people, trying to rest, watch some movies, series, just be alone and enjoy the quiet time after being sick. But this time THE FLAT  had other plans for us. It would be abnormal if one day was good for us. So, no.. no good day.

At first, we lost water and when it came back, we still didn’t have any hot water. But who cares, right? Who needs to take a shower? Nobody obviously! Finally the hot water also returned, but decided to be coloured red.. Don’t even know which word is more suitable for the colour of our water. Blood or mud? Well, doesn’t matter, You know what I mean.  Even that part of our bad day was not enough! 7 o’clock’ish we also lost the electricity! Our whole neighbourhood went dark, including our marvelous apartment. This was the real cause for PAAANIIICC!  Can you imagine being without electricity? It means no lights, no computers, no phone charger, NO INTERNET! It meant that we actually had to talk to each other! NOO WAY!

So, what happened next? For atleast an hour we sat all together in the kitchen, trying to figure out, what to do. Could we play some games or just talk about meaningless things, give each other stupid nicknames or what?  Since there was no hope for us getting the electricity back, we decided to go out. Cause ofcourse, if we leave for about two hours, everything should be okay, later. Right?  Wrong. When we returned, still nothing. So we talked to electricians outside, who were trying to fix the situation, but the only information we got was that we won’t have anything for atleast 2-3 more hours. So we had no other choice than to go to supermarket and buy candles. 3 guys, 2 girls.. what a romantic evening together! But ofcourse our worries did not end there. Standing in a line with our candles, just one person before us.. and electricity in the supermarket POOF, GONE! There was only one loud bang, silence for a second and mad laughter from our group just seconds after. This was just something that we did not expect! But c’mon, life has to be fun, right?

Luckily we finally got our candles and started our journey back home. Still thinking about what to do during our romantic evening , but still not having any ideas. And we arrived home.. safe and sound. And what do we see? We see lights, we see electricity! And no candles needed!  Another really loud laughter from our group, big thanks to the electricians and we finally arrived home. The feeling of having light in the flat was amazing! So we now had the chance to go back to our antisocial lives behind the computers.

And this is the end of the great week we had together. Ofcourse it brought us more together, gave us a topic to talk about when we are bored and gave a great idea about the blog. I know that You, who are reading my post now, actually hope that maybe some day I will write something about the project, the activities and so on. Well, don’t worry, the day will come! But these kinds of situations also make EVS experience whole.  So see you all back here next time! Hopefully information will be more about my EVS itself next time!

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