Our Italian lessons in Arad

Ciao a tutti,
I’m Gavino and it is a pleasure tell you about non-formal Italian lessons that me and my italian colleague Marcello did in November.

I saw that when you come in a foreign country a lot of people are curious about Italy and sometimes they have some prejudices or stereotypes. But we are not touchy so we joked a lot about this with funny videos that we showed during the lessons.


We prepared the lessons one month before. During this time we researched grammar rules, collected materials about history and literature, selected the best music, edited videos with subtitles and…we improved our Italian and our knowledge about Italy. Yes, that’s it. You have to know so well what you are teaching.
Also funny and joyful mood is the best way to learn something so we put at ease our students all the times.

We did 4 lessons of two hours per week and an additional lesson about cooking: how to do “arancini” and of course…”pizza”.
Our students were so nice and our association supported us for everything. We were pleased that students asked us to do other lessons although we did almost everything is possible to teach.


We had fun times, especially when we showed the famous “italian gestures” and the differences of behavior in North and South Italy.
I will remember for long time our Italian lessons, so…grazie a tutti e arrivederci!

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