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Farklı Dilde “ Birleşmek

Link to “different language

Arad the days are fast and quick. Almost every day we do some activities. Sometimes we are sometimes the children along with other volunteers. We are going to disappear in days. You can sleep happy when I put my head on the pillow. Because when you’re hoping to different people wake up. You’re getting them by example. You think like them. Sometimes a child, sometimes you can be a teenager.

A weekly schedule in front of me. I’m looking at the plan, and I can see what I can do. It happening filled with everyday activities. Sometimes you can get away from the day’s tedious office.Although you say I wish we meet with student activity. Sometimes you encounter a truly concerned with you waiting. You’re doing what you’re doing fondly. Laughing with them, have fun with them.

Activity passes very fun and beautiful. We’re going to school, doing presentations.These based to smoking , drugs and alcohol. Sometimes you encounter unexpected interest in the class. They’re trying to the best  . Sometimes progressing form of questions and answers presentations. Their participants are really happy to be me. İt is really great feeling to get the answers you least expect it. I say it to unite different languages. Sometimes you summed up in one word the entire presentation. Presentations  are making more fun with Romanian conversation . Sometimes students know some Turkish words. This is me taking it too far. Then I say, I love Romania.

I have to mention that required only to be with the students, really priceless. Sometimes sharing your experiences with them that is a incredible feeling. That’s exactly teaches me to be volunteering . Knowledges are for sharing. Knowledges are  better  if you share.

I recently stayed for 3 weeks in front of me from now on. I’m nearing the end of a period of 8 months. I’m having a sweet sadness. In fact, this is not goodbye, welcome to me. Sweet memories of pain, I’m doing an EVS is packed full of activities.

If we summarize it in one word, beautiful life by sharing it. And I love this job. Volunteering make me “touching to words”. Being a volunteer has taught me to communicate without knowing or no language without speaking.

And finally, volunteering has taught me an indescribable experience.





“România Ești un minunat”

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