Being a volunteer is to take a breakfast every morning with an Italian, a Spanish and a Turkish

Buna ziua , bine ati venit in articolul meu !

6 months ago, I arrived in Romania, a country I knew only a little. Because I already had the occasion to spend a week-end in the capital, Bucharest. Besides this, nothing, except of stereotypes I can hear everyday

In this beginning of spring, i have 2 months left as a volunteer in Arad, a border Romanian city near Hungary.

I lived there a lot of experiences, linked to the association’s project or not. I had the opportunity to teach kids how to plant seeds and how to garden, to meet other volunteer in my city or during the EVS’s Training, to deliver a speech about personal development in front of a hundred students, to travel in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

I had the pleasure to live in a flat with Spanish, Italians and Turkish, I created a personal project in order to plant a vegetable garden in a high school. And very soon, I will participate in an endurance course, first time for me.

Our last project is to organize a sport day, I decided to manage a tournament of “pétanque” and gata pentru mine (Over for me). I will be back in France hoping to come back in Romania.


Yes, I think I will want to come back. In France, to be honest, I didn’t have no idea about Romania, I only knew Romania is not only about Gypsies (which is a Romanian minority). Here is where my interest stopped. But, i was picked for a voluntary service in this country, so why not go I thought. I just needed to think about my future projects in a total foreign environment.

Because yes Bucharest is not the only place to visit: Sibiu, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Arad, Sighişoara, Sinaia (for Bran’s castle), Busteni, Oradea, Pitesti, Buzau, Black Sea’s coast. Landscapes, with Transylvania, Carpathian, Transfăgărășan, one of the most beautiful road of the world. Hanged out in the Carpathians, it is only open 6 months a year. Despite, trains are very slow, the roads, are more or less feasible, the occasions to meet “business” unwise peoples, Romania is an authentic country, which still have to prove everything. Businesses are exploding in Bucharest now that corruption showed up in court, citizens are fighting for their rights, and the Dracula’s castle is still standing

In conclusion, I let you watch a video I made in order to promote my hosting organization, ZURY, and our activities as volunteers.


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