EVS in Timisoara: the beginning

After a very nice short term European Voluntary Service of one month in Georgia, I wanted to do a long term EVS.

My sending association, Tambour Battant, showed me the suggestion for the EVS « Links to education », hosted by Zury Association, in Timisoara. After a short interview by Skype, Andreea has accepted me. After two weeks, I joined Zury association for an EVS in Romania, which started on the 1st of April and will end  on the 29th  of October.

I have arrived on the 1st of  April in the Timisoara’s airport, on the afternoon, and qfter that I have discovered the flat. Later, during the week end, I have visited the city centre, its squares, its parks, and I have met the others volunteers: my flatmates (Luc, Nicola and Gianni), the others volunteers from the association (Alejandro, Pelin, Orvi, Nicola, and Alican the week after), I have been very welcomed by all of them. I have also met some volunteers from Arad.

Timisoara is a beautiful and convivial large city (over 300000 inhabitants), situated on Banat, a region shared between Romania and Serbia. The city is widely opened to the influence from others Europeans countries (like Serbia, Hungary, Germany or Italia). Unfortunately, for the moment, I haven’t visit others place around the city.

On 4th  of April I have discovered my working environment, similar to the other volunteers. We have various activities: regular presentation about Erasmus Plus programme (I focus on the EVS) in front of high-school classes, French presentation with Luc concerning important subjects in France (unemployment, terrorism), Communication courses, Romanian courses (even if I haven’t begun yet), communication workshop preparation and writing articles.

My EVS will be a good opportunity to develop my English comprehension, English writing and English speaking, to learn another language (Romanian), to improve my capacity to speak in front of an audience and to prepare a presentation, to discover another European culture and live full-time in another country.


Gauthier Caron,

Volunteer in Zury Association

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