In maybe the year when I’m being more introspective, creative and secure in my life, I’m having the opportunity of teaching my language with the best mate I could desire: Pilar. Sharing what is mine: my language, my culture to a group of energized creatures hungry of giving the best of themselves is since the beginning exciting, enriching both parts.



Then, during the process you have also the chance to realize of  a couple of things about humans and the amazing world I would love to take part to: teaching, learning, sharing.

For me learning is not about adding and adding new things. For me learning starts with discovering and then is transformed in creating. Discovering yourself is the first step: ¿how are you? And so feel secure enough to implement your personality in the world with no fear taking the role that you consider appropriate.

Instead of adding the main challenge is quitting. Quitting prejudices, shame, low self-esteem, jealous, rules etc. Then we reach to the inner self. Don’t be afraid if its ugly or beautiful. It’s just authentic and be sure that in a world about diversity authenticities, the concept of beauty will change into a more satisfier and more inclusive one. You will have your place there, in the big house.

Once you show to the world who you are, let’s communicate! This can be ever more challenge than the one before. We have a world in front, behind and around us made by people and their ornaments, plants and animals basically. And we need it for learning.


Looking for the positive feed-back is the not easy purpose that we have to face. See (or better feel) the moment and the present that affects you and the other is one step. Again, we need to quit out veils that make us blind and understand the world that each person has behind that takes her/him to that present and not other. Then don’t thinking in enemies and allies. People who at the end want the same as you and their ornaments, animals and plants. Getting involved in the fight of powers and domination is highway  to hell. Sometimes the presents are connected for learning, sometimes it’s not the moment and probably you are wasting the time in the situation is according to that moment.la chispa adecuada

Then, creating just flows if you just let it go. Once you are connected with yourself, the people and the moment, the wheel will roll and, for sure, you will learn.

¿Should we try it?

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